Times…They are a changin’ – Here’s why…

What’s the “Quantum Leap”? It can mean many things depending on the discipline applying or using the term. In physics, the movement of an electron from one orbit in an atom to another, sending out or taking on a photon in the process. Informally, a “quantum leap” may be any great, sudden, or discontinuous change – and that’s what we have discovered at American Prosperity Systems!

Quantum Leap Advertising System jumps ahead of the competition

For decades there have been those who had the skills, timing, systems and sometimes even luck to earn serious amounts of money in any number of businesses, products, services and opportunities. I am one of these people. However, it always seemed that for most folks in the home-based industry, they were like the kids standing with their faces plastered against the window of the candy store. So close to the sweet goodness, yet so very, very far away.

Imagine, the window blown down by a Kansas Tornado and the
sweet taste of prosperity filling your senses like the smell of a summer rain!

My apologies for the tornado analogy to anyone ever effected by such storms. As a Kansas boy, born and raised on the prairie, I can attest to the devastation they bring. The vivid language, verging on the cliche does however, portray the power that you can feel when prosperity rains on your life and for the ones you love.

You see, 14 years ago my wife Kim and I launched our web-design and marketing company and quickly sky-rocketed our income. We went from a meager teacher’s salary to over $50,000.00 per month! We were so busy that I resigned my teaching post at the end of the year because I was working every night until 2:00-3:00 in the morning. We had phenomenal success right out of the gate – success that did not last.

Offers in this industry often come to abrupt ends, oftentimes right at the moment you join.

For us, it lasted around 12 months and that’s when my true education in this business really began. You see we got really lucky with our first promotion. Then we learned true marketing secrets that would serve us well for years, but not without obstacles and set-backs, a lot of them, along the way. One of the things that always vexed me about this industry is why some people would do exactly what I was teaching them and experience success, while others would falter and experience failure at the exact same time others were very successful.

Why was success in this industry so fickle? Where is the consistency?

Do you remember the line from the movie Forrest Gump: “I don’t know if it’s destiny or if we are all just floating around like a leaf on the wind.” Success in any home-based business seemed almost like some are destined for out of this world super success while others can’t hit their butts with both hands! Crazy! It has really bothered me for years.

I would speak with people from all over the country. Interviews that lasted, email chains that went on for over a year all trying to find the main reasons why some flourish and find success and prosperity while others, equally deserving of the same sweet victory, never, ever found it. Still the answers eluded me.

Then we created the Quantum Leap Advertising System… More to come soon!

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