Proven, Honest, Legal & Ethical

My all-new instant-cash money train system is

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Keep in mind that every level we show you delivers quality informational products and commissions directly to you. Commissions are delivered from the sale of APS Entrepreneur’s Digital Library products. These products are delivered digitally only.
My library is too big to print and mail!


Money Train Compensation Per Level


It is highly recommended that you join at the highest level possible, because you only earn commissions up to the level you are at.

When it begins working for you, you’ll have the funds to upgrade! Soon you could be getting $20,000 upgrade commissions! Most people join at Level Five! I want to make sure you know why it’s so important to join at the highest level possible.

Here’s an example of what can happen…

You join at Level Two. That means you can only earn commissions up to Level Two. So when we close a sale for you at Level Five, you will earn a $350 commission and the remaining will roll up to your sponsor or higher affiliate who is qualified at Level Five or higher. I know you don’t want to miss out on commissions! So joining as high as possible and upgrading as quickly as possible is key to earning the maximum amount of every sale and never, ever missing out on commissions that should go to you!

Upgrade commissions keep rolling in, especially with our “One Up” Compensation Plan!

One sale turns into an endless train of “One Up” commissions paid to you! Whenever one of your sales upgrades, you get the difference between levels, provided you are upgraded at, or above, the level they are upgrading to. Make sense? Plus, every APS Money Train affiliate has to give up their first sale to their sponsor. This leads to big money for you. Lets say you are qualified at Level Five, and you have five people who give up their first sale to you. You get paid those commissions, but you also get that new person!

Hello from Chris Hollinger, APS Money Train

My Mission Statement:

“Always shoot straight with my customers, do what I say I will do and Build Systems That Work!”

The APS Money Train turns one sale into an endless Money Train delivering cash, checks and money orders directly to you! How does FREE, INSTANT, MONEY make you feel? Joining now at the highest level possible is important, but simply getting started is vital.

I know you’re skeptical and you should be! I’ve been in business for 16 years and and have generated millions of dollars in sales and commissions for people just like you. However, nothing I’ve ever created or sold in all that time can even hold a candle to the all new APS Money Train! I know you don’t want to miss out, but I also know you have to know who you are dealing with and with that in mind, I’m 100% dedicated to producing huge commissions for you! The absolute best way for you to get a great feel for how strong my system is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Everything is ready to roll and begin paying you huge commissions delivered right to your mailbox every day!

“This simple
program works
and it can work
for you!”

The Bottom Line:

You get it all now as we launch and grow like crazy! Don’t Wait!

1. You save $100.00 with your Instant Winner Credit.


2. You never have to talk and try to sell anything to anyone, unless you want to.

Me and my team close all of your sales for you!


3. You get registered to WIN my $22,000.00 Fully Upgraded and Qualified Level Ten Prize Pack Monthly Drawing.

By joining at any level now, you are automatically registered to WIN!


4. You get a Proven, Honest, Legal and Ethical system.

This system sells quality informational product that generate an endless “Money Train” of commissions directly to you!


5. You get everything you need to generate high quality leads that we turn into sales for you.

Plus, you’ll get all future upgrades and additions at no extra cost to you, ever!


Enter To Win Now

Enter now for a chance to win! *no purchase necessary*

Level 5 Position valued at $1,300.00

Join at ANY level and get registered to win our monthly drawing!

Level 10 Position valued at $20,000.00

This is Vitally Important to Understand:

Not only do you earn the commissions, but you get that person as your enrollee.

This means that you will also get their “One-Up” qualifier sale and upgrade commissions. One sale keeps paying you!

I’m so confident my all new, just launching APS Money Train Program will work for you that I will guarantee it!

I back APS Money Train up with my “Six Month Limited Guarantee”. If after six months you have not earned more than your initial purchase, then I will give you all your service fees back. Because I pay commissions from every sale, I cannot refund product purchase monies, but I can, and do guarantee your service fees from your initial purchase and any upgrades. You’re protected as much as I can!

This program has been tested! In our very first test, we received over $6,000! This is a proven system that works to deliver stacks of cash, checks and money orders directly to your mailbox.

There is NO COMPUTER NEEDED! All you do is generate a lead by mailing the coded letter you receive in your Official APS Money Train Start Up Packet and me and my trained team of motivated closers go to work for you.

Soon we’ll have online and social media ads that you’ll get to generate 1,000’s of internet leads! Even if you can’t mail, we can mail for you at great rates!

Even if you don’t use computers, we can make it happen for you! Simply generate a lead using our proven letter and we can make you serious money!